As hip as you want to be

Best results are achieved in comfortable workplace. Who knows such place exists in your homely living room? Allow our Old Batavia Collection's Casa Rosa to take you there.

Clean. Smooth. Crisp.

Brighten your home with our Best Sellers. Our Maple smooth laminate gives you a 25-year warranty, with a bonus of the satisfaction you always deserve.

Elegant match to your inner self

Indulge your eyes. Fill your senses. Express your self with our selection of Engineered wood flooring. Let our quality shine as bright as you.

As smooth as dreamland

Our 12mm Smooth Laminate flooring provides a silky surface... a dreamy look that goes perfectly with your slumberland.

Everlastingly Strong

Believe us this: Our hardwood flooring is durable enough to withstand your daily office hustle. Upgrade your work life to a more natural feel, and see your productivity grows!

Terrific duo

You don't have to compromise. Our wood flooring can go hand-in-hand so well with any tiles you want. We'll even help you choose the match!


Tropical Flooring provides quality flooring at great prices. Within this website, you can find a great range of selections that we're sure will suit your needs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Balinese Rosewood

Long Lasting 25 Year Warranty
Dimensions: 12MM x 122MM x RL
Give your home an upgrade with our best selling 12MM Laminate. Our Balinese Rosewood will give your home the new look you have been searching for. >

Charleston Grey

Long Lasting 25 Year Warranty
Dimensions: 5/8 x 7 3/8 x 12
Charleston Grey is part of our Royal Collection, the styles selected for this category are among the most beautiful and elegant in the industry. >